Thursday, June 25, 2015

Papier Mache Ice Cream Cones

In anticipation of the summer, 4th grade finished up the year with papier mache ice cream cones! After our tints and shades painting exploration, we began the papier mache project by creating the armature or structure of our papier mache cones.
Students filled paper cups with newspaper so that they would not fall over. Then they balled up more newspaper, wrapping masking tape around the "scoops" to secure them to the paper cup "cone." 
The next class, students learned how to papier mache, using art paste that is clear and thick consistency. We took a little of the art paste in our hands, then took strips of newspaper and rubbed them in between our hands. This kept the art paste from dripping everywhere and allowed them to get fully coated. Each piece was applied to the armature and layered on top of each other to fully cover the cone and scoops. 
For the final layers, we used white newsprint paper for the ice cream and brown paper towel for the cone, so they would be easier to paint without the newspaper showing through.
The papier mache had time to dry over the course of a week and the following class, students used their knowledge of tints and shades to paint their ice cream cone scoops. 
We looked at Wayne Thiebaud's ice cream cones painting for inspiration. Some students mixed colors to make mint chocolate chip, strawberry, coffee, chocolate and caramel flavors.
The last step was to cover the entire cone with a clear varnish called Mod Podge. Here are some examples of our delicious, drippy ice cream cones!
Some of our finished ice cream cones!
Mrs. Stone's class
Mr. Dubuque's class
Mrs. Mattson's class
Mrs. Doherty's class

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