Monday, June 29, 2015

Hosmer Learning Garden Sign

As a final end of year project, Miss Domermuth's 5th grade class designed a sign for the Hosmer Learning Garden. Each student took a letter and created a design for it, incorporating elements of nature and the garden. Once students sketched out a few different ideas for their letter, they selected their favorite and drew it out on the wooden sign. (The sign was primed first and then we added some yellow paint as a base).
The following class, students used acrylic paint to paint their letter and add details. We also added some details using permanent marker.
Students also painted smaller signs for the different vegetables and herbs growing in the garden, using paint stirring sticks donated by Coolidge Hardware in Watertown. A big thanks for their donation!
Below is the finished garden sign for the Hosmer Learning Garden, which should be hanging there soon! 

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