Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Figure in Motion Sculptures

Recently, 5th grade artists re-visited figure drawing, specifically gesture drawing, to create sketches for an aluminum foil figure sculpture.
During the first class, students took turns posing for quick gesture sketches, where we focus on the gesture and pose, rather than details. Students chose dynamic poses inspired by a variety of physical activities. We also experimented with using charcoal for some of the sketches, which helped us draw quickly and stay loose with our lines. (Although they also got very messy!)
The following class, students selected one gesture to turn into a sculpture. We began by discussing armatures, which are like skeletons for a sculpture. The armature provides structure and support, much like our skeleton does for our body or steel beams for a skyscraper. Using pipe cleaners, students created an armature by attaching, twisting and manipulating the pipe cleaners to create a basic figure.
The next class, student used aluminum foil to wrap pieces around the armature. Following the shape and gesture of the figure, students added an aluminum foil layer onto their armature. The last step was to get their figure hot glued to their cardboard base. Some students added an aluminum foil soccer ball or hockey stick to complete their sculpture. Here are some examples of our figures in motion!

Jasper, 5th Grade
Marissa, 5th Grade
Kevin, 5th Grade

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