Monday, June 8, 2015

Line and Shape Sculptures

PK and Kindergarten artists recently re-visited lines and shapes, which we focused on at the beginning of the school year. We reviewed our lines and shapes, taking turns coming up to the board to draw different examples. We remembered a lot of what we learned several months ago!

Then we found out that we would be making lines and shapes out of different materials to create a sculpture. We learned that sculptures are artworks that are 3D, not flat like paintings and drawings. 
We used model magic on top of a cardboard to form the base of the sculpture. Then students explored how to bend, twist and manipulate the straws, wires and pipe cleaners to create a variety of lines and shapes. They stuck these into the model magic to form their sculptures.
Students were encouraged to turn their sculptures around, to view them from different angles as they worked. 
We also walked around and looked at the other sculptures in progress.
Below are some examples of our line and shape sculptures. Some classes had time to come up with titles for their sculptures.
David's "Tarantula"
Eva's "Circle World"

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