Friday, June 26, 2015

Papier Mache Bowls

For our last art project of the school year, 1st grade artists created papier mache bowls. Mrs. Massa's class helped mix the art paste the week before, taking turns stirring the powder and water together until it got thick.
Starting with a plastic bowl, students rubbed a little Vaseline on top to keep the paper mache bowl from sticking to it permanently. Students used art paste and newspaper to layer strips of newspaper on top. Students used a technique where they took some of the paste in between their hands, then took a piece of newspaper and rubbed it in between their hands until it became translucent or saturated. Then they layered this strip on the bowl.

After they dried, the bowls were slipped off their plastic molds and trimmed. Then students layered tissue paper on the inside of their bowls, using Mod Podge, and painted the outside of their bowls using acrylic paint.
Below are some examples of our colorful papier mache bowls:
Ben, 1st Grade
Ixchel, 1st Grade
CJ, 1st Grade
Sawyer, 1st Grade
Miriam, 1st Grade

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