Thursday, September 18, 2014


Welcome to art at Hosmer!

My name is Ms. Kim and I am in my fourth year teaching art at Hosmer Elementary School in Watertown, MA. I moved to the Boston area from New York City, where I previously taught elementary art in Brooklyn. 

In art class we will be exploring different materials and techniques so that we can express ourselves and tell our own stories, make connections across disciplines, and problem-solve in creative ways. We will be engaging in direct inquiry and experiencing materials hands-on. 

In art making, different materials provide different experiences. We will be building up a rich and expressive vocabulary with different materials and techniques, so that we can translate our thoughts into action!
Teaching and learning are woven together. I am excited to educate, challenge and inspire each other through art! If you would like to contact me with questions, please send me an email:


  1. Hi Ms. Kim
    I was hoping you could pass on this information to student/parents that might be interested in local Watertown business/Art.Nayda Cuevas: Summer Artist-In-Residence at ROOM 83 Spring -
    Offering art classes for children and workshops for adults

    This summer, Nayda A. Cuevas will be artist-in-residence at Room 83 Spring, an art space in Watertown, MA.

    Referencing traditional portraiture and the selfie trend, Nayda paints naturalistic representations of people in oil on canvas. Her project consists of an ongoing collection of carefully observed miniature portraits seeking to challenge how our culture consumes digital images at an alarming rate and volume, without devoting time or energy to digest, contemplate, and understand what we see.

    Nayda will be working at Room 83 Spring during the months of July and August on her series #Latina: Reclaiming the Latina tag, intent on creating active dialogue outside of cyber space. The artist encourages Latina women to join her in reclaiming the hashtag, by posting selfies that express what it truly means to be a Latina on the Tumblr blog Reclaiming the Latina Tag. Nayda’s studio residency will culminate in an exhibition of this series to date.

    As part of her art practice, Nayda will engage with the community offering art lessons for children (ages 6-8 & 9-12) and workshops for adults during her residency. Please contact Nayda for schedule details at and visit her website to learn more about her work

    1. Hi Nayda,
      Thank you for the info! Unfortunately by the time I saw your comment this summer, school was out, but many of our families do follow the blog, so I hope your residency workshops went well! Please let me know if there are other ways we could connect!