Thursday, October 22, 2015

Printed Robots

1st grade students recently created printed robots, using cardboard and recycled materials to print or stamp paint on paper. Many students connected this to the cityscape prints they made as Kindergarten students!

To print, we dipped the cardboard into the paint, then pressed it down on the paper and lifted it up to make a mark. We connected out lines together to make shapes to form our robot's body. 
We thought carefully about what different parts we wanted to add to our robot. Students also focused on using the whole paper and make their robot nice and big!
After our robots dried, the following week students used oil pastel to add color to their robot. We focused on the robot's body and experimented with layering and blending oil pastel colors together. 
We also talked about what our robots could do. Some of the robots help with homework, make food when you are hungry, protect people, dance, and help find things that are lost! We shared our colorful robots at the end of class. Here are some of our robots and their special jobs, below. 
Dylon, "My robot helps people who are lost" 
Callan, "My robot helps the police" 

Jasmine,"My robot helps people"
Evelyn, "My robot does ballet"

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