Thursday, October 15, 2015


To start off the year, 3rd grade artists looked at and discussed the work of Roy Lichtenstein and learned about his use of onomatopoeia, which is when a word imitates the sound of the object or action it refers to. Some examples are words like: "wham," "drip," and "ka-pow!"  

We noticed that Lichtenstein was inspired by comics since the use of onomatopoeia is more common in comics and cartoons. We also noticed that he used primary colors in these paintings.  
Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam! (1963)
We began our own artwork by brainstorming a list of onomatopoeia words as a class. Each student selected 4 different words and drew sketches that demonstrated the word's action and meaning as a visual picture, combining letters and pictures:
Next class, we looked at more of Lichtenstein's paintings and noticed that he used dots of color, called benday dots, which were inspired by the way comic books were printed at the time.  
We selected one brainstorm sketch to make into a larger drawing and used markers in primary colors, incorporating the benday dots in at least one area of our artwork. These are some examples of our finished onomatopoeia drawings:
Jaylyn, 3rd grade (Monfette)
Peter, 3rd Grade (Cole)
Cammy, 3rd grade (Cole)
Tristan, 3rd grade (Lutz)
Nola, 3rd grade (Lutz)
Pirada, 3rd grade (Cole)

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