Monday, October 26, 2015

Drawing Autumn Leaves

1st grade students continued their exploration of line and shape last week by going outside and collecting leaves to draw! We gathered different leaves that had fallen on the ground outside and brought them in to draw.

Students learned about drawing from observation, which means drawing from something you can see. This is different than making something from your imagination. Students looked carefully at their leaf as they drew, pretending that their hand and their eye were connected together. Starting at one point, they worked their way around the outside edge, or contour, of the leaf and tried not to pick up their marker as they drew what they saw.
Although it was challenging, students learned a lot about the lines and shapes they saw! They noticed straight lines, zig zag edges, and curves. Once students drew the outside shape of the leaf, they added the lines they saw on the inside, as well as other details like holes. 
Students did a great job focusing on what they saw in front of them, and challenging themselves to draw each leaf exactly as they saw it. 
Here are some examples of our leaf observation drawings below!
Lineysha, 1st grade (Massa)
Shane D., 1st grade (Mandile)
Ana, 1st grade (Massa)
Lily, 1st grade (Massa)
Kemi, 1st grade (Mandile)
Nico, 1st grade (Mandile)

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