Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Collaborative Line & Color Paintings

1st grade artists started the year by reviewing our different kinds of lines with the book Lines That Wiggle. 
Working collaboratively as a group at each table, students painted a variety of different lines on a large paper. We thought about how they might overlap and connect. For the second day of art class this school year, students remembered a lot about lines, as well as our painting clean up procedures!
Next class, students received their collaborative line paintings back. We noticed how the lines interacted with each other to create shapes and spaces. We painted these areas with tempera paint, remembering to wash out our brush between colors and make sure to get enough paint in our brush.
Students moved around their table to reach all the areas of their large line painting, and worked together to decide when it was done and ready for the drying rack. 
Some classes did a gallery walk of the finished artworks, while others took a look after some were displayed in the glass case in the lobby area. Check out some of our collaborative line paintings on display!
Etta, Marius, Anastasia and Nico's painting, 1st Grade (Mandile)

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