Friday, April 10, 2015

Self Portrait Assemblages

Recently, kindergarten artists learned about self portraits and drew their own self portraits using oil pastel. To further explore self portraits, students thought about what their bodies look like when they are doing their favorite activities. We shared ideas and students acted out different activities to see what their bodies look like when they are running, jumping, dancing, swimming, practicing ballet, doing karate and playing hockey. 
Next, students chose pre-cut cardboard shapes and glued them together to create their bodies, carefully considering the placement of their arms and legs during their favorite activities. 
During the following class, we talked about texture, or how something feels to touch. We thought of all the different places on our bodies that have texture. We noticed that our clothing and shoes had many different textures, as well as our hair. There were a variety of textured materials to choose from at the materials table, including paper, fabric, lace, felt, and buttons. Students chose different materials to add to their self portrait to give their clothing texture. 
Many students thought about what kind of clothing they wear during their favorite activity, to help select materials. Some students, for example, wear a uniform or special outfit for their activity.
At our last class, we discussed the different parts of our face and students added their facial features, as well as their hair. After everyone was done, we gathered on the rug to share our self portrait assemblages with the class. We noticed that there were such a wide variety of activities represented! Here are some examples:
Julia, Kindergarten - "I am running"
Luke, Kindergarten - "I am doing jumping jacks"
Ruthie, Kindergarten - "I am tap dancing"

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