Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elizabeth Murray Inspired Shapes & Patterns

1st grade artists learned about the difference between geometric and organic shapes, after looking at a variety of different shapes. We then looked at the art of Elizabeth Murray, looking at and discussing her use of shapes.
Elizabeth Murray, Do the Dance (2005)
We noticed that Murray uses both geometric and organic shapes in her work, and her shapes and colors are fun and playful. They reminded students of a variety of different things -- from train tracks to a dog to the inside of our bodies! Students made many different connections to the artwork they saw.
Elizabeth Murray, Bop (2002-03)
After looking at Murray's work and reviewing shapes, students began by painting 2 geometric shapes and 3 organic shapes using black paint. The following class, we reviewed primary and secondary colors and also delved back into color mixing. Students painted their geometric shapes in primary colors and their organic shapes in secondary colors. They could choose any color or colors for the background.
The next week, students finished their paintings by adding interesting patterns, using a variety of repeating lines and shapes.
Students could also mix colors using black and white, so we explored pink and gray, among many other colors!
Here are some examples of our Elizabeth Murray inspired shape paintings: 
Kingston, 1st Grade
Ava, 1st Grade

Aiden, 1st Grade
Aysha, 1st Grade
Sawyer, 1st Grade

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