Friday, April 3, 2015

Exploring Texture Two Ways

Recently, PK artists have been learning about texture, or how something feels to touch. To further explore different textures, we made texture rubbings as well as texture prints!

We learned how to make a texture rubbing by placing an object underneath their paper and using the side of a crayon to rub on top of the paper to capture the object's texture. Students were given a variety of different objects at their table and experimented with texture rubbing. 
Students thought about where to place their objects underneath their paper so that they could fill up their whole paper, as well as layer some rubbings on top of each other. Here are some examples of our texture rubbing exploration:
Camden, PK
Katherine, PK
The following class, PK explored texture printing! We printed with cardboard earlier this school year but this time, students tried printing with a variety of different everyday objects and materials, as well as different colors of paint!

First, we reviewed how we make a print with an object: dip it in the paint, press it down on the paper, and lift up to reveal the print. Then students chose either a black or white piece of paper and started printing at their assigned table. Every few minutes, students moved to another table to print with different materials and paint colors. Everyday objects included sponges, forks, rubber bands, bubble wrap, toilet paper rolls, plastic mesh, spools and plastic caps. Prints were layered on top of each other as students moved around the room.
PK students did a great job with this messy process, making sure to put their objects back in the middle of the table and walking carefully to the next station with their artwork when it was time. It was pretty messy, but also a lot of fun!
Here are some examples of our texture printing exploration:
Calvin, PK
Eloise, PK
Ava, PK
Morgen, PK

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