Monday, June 19, 2017

Tasty Texture Sandwiches

3rd grade artists recently explored texture by making delicious looking texture sandwiches! We began with a long piece of paper and glued pieces of wallpaper at the bottom to create a table top for our sandwich. We also added a plate or wrapper for our sandwich.
Using cardboard, students cut out a bottom bun and a top bun for the sandwich. We talked about different shapes we could use, like rectangles and semi circles. We made sure to leave a lot of space in between the bottom and top pieces of bread for lots of ingredients! 
Next class, we brainstormed a variety of sandwich ingredients, including tomatoes, cheese, salami, peanut butter, Nutella, pickles, bacon, etc. We made a long list on the board to use as reference. Students were able to choose from a variety of different materials with different colors and textures to represent sandwich ingredients. Students got very creative with how they used their materials. Sometimes, students searched for a specific material for a specific ingredient. Other times, we were inspired by the material and what ingredient it reminded us of. Here are some examples of our tall, textured sandwiches:
Alina, 3rd Grade (Lutz)
Ben S., 3rd Grade (Stone)
Destanie, 3rd Grade (Monfette)
Ethan, 3rd Grade (Donato)
Gustavo, 3rd Grade (Fletcher Nickl)
Hunter, 3rd Grade (Lutz)
Lenna, 3rd Grade (Monfette)
Mackenzie, 3rd Grade (Monfette)
Manos, 3rd Grade (Monfette)
Marina, 3rd Grade (Donato)
Priya, 3rd Grade (Monfette)
Sam, 3rd Grade (Stone)
Name, 3rd Grade (Class)
Yulissa, 3rd Grade (Monfette)

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