Thursday, June 8, 2017

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

In keeping with the warmer weather, 4th grade artists recently created papier mache ice cream cones! We began by creating the armature, or base structure, of our papier mache cones. 
We discussed how buildings often start with a foundation and steel beams that help give it shape and support. An armature helps support a sculpture or 3D artwork from the inside, much like the foundation and steel beams in a skyscraper. 
First, we filled our paper cups with newspaper so that they would not fall over. We talked about how, when building something that stands up, it is important for the base to be heavier and sturdy, to support the weight of materials that go on top -- like when you are building a snowman. Then students balled up more newspaper, wrapping masking tape around the "scoops" to secure them to the paper cup "cone." 
The next class, students learned how to papier mache, using art paste that is clear and thick consistency. We took a little of the art paste to coat our palms, then took strips of newspaper and rubbed them in between our hands. This kept the paste from dripping everywhere and allowed the strips to get fully coated. Each piece of newspaper was applied to the armature and layered on top of each other to fully cover the cone and scoops. 
Next class, we added additional papier mache layers. We used white paper for the ice cream scoops and brown paper towel for the cone, so they would be easier to paint without the newspaper showing through. The following class, students used their knowledge of color mixing to paint their ice cream cone scoops. 
Students were encouraged to paint each scoop a different color and paint the base layer first. Many students used white to make lighter colors called tints. We mixed a variety of different colors to create different flavors, including mint chocolate chip, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, cookies and cream and rainbow! 
After the first layers of paint had dried, students added details like toppings, sprinkles, and hot fudge on top. Some students also painted the cone a darker brown, or painted lines on top to make waffle cones. 
The last step was to cover the entire ice cream cone with a clear varnish called Mod Podge. Here are some examples of our cool, colorful ice cream cones on display at the Extravaganza. Look for them downstairs in the glass display case soon!

Andrew P., 4th Grade (Doherty)
Catie, 4th Grade (Cikacz)
Christos, 4th Grade (Cikacz)
Elen, 4th Grade (Dubuque)
Gio, 4th Grade (Cikacz)
Kate R., 4th Grade (Mattson)
Kate S., 4th Grade (Mattson)
Sawera, 4th Grade (Doherty)
Yassemine, 4th Grade (Doherty)

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