Monday, October 17, 2016

Line Challenge Resist Paintings

PK and Kindergarten artists started off the year by exploring line! Lines are a traveling mark, created when a dot goes for a walk. They help define the edges of shapes and space, and we can see them all around us! We learned about the names of different lines, including straight, wavy, zig-zag, curly, dotted and spiral. We also created some of our own, including a "circle line," "bumpy line" and "castle line"! 
Using oil pastels, students drew a variety of different lines in their "line challenge" drawings, making them go all the way across their paper. They drew lines that we had learned about, like straight and zig-zag lines, and invented new lines from their imagination. They also tried combining different lines together.
Next class, we explored what happens when we add paint on top of our oil pastel lines. We watched a demonstration of paint on top of oil pastel and noticed that we could still see the oil pastel lines through the paint -- as one student said, it worked like magic!
We learned that this is because the oil pastel and paint are made of different materials so instead of mixing together, they move away from each other. This is called resist!
Students painted on top of their oil pastel lines, working on washing out their brush between colors and trying to cover the entire paper with paint. It was fun to see resist in action, and watch our lines magically show up through the paint! It was especially fun with the lines we made using white oil pastel. Below are examples of our artwork, some of which are on display on the bulletin board in the connector hallway!
Angelina, Kindergarten (Tan)
Annabelle, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Archie, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Graham, Kindergarten (Tan)
Naomi, PK (Mattson)
Magdalena, Kindergarten (Segreve)
Max, Kindergarten (Beatty)
Raphaella, Kindergarten (Tan)

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