Monday, October 3, 2016

Arts Around the World


This year, 2nd grade artists will be traveling around the world in their art and music classes! Ms. Patashnick and I are collaborating on an integrated curriculum focusing on art and music from Mexico, Russia, Ireland, Japan and South Africa. In art class, we will be learning about the culture, art forms, techniques and artists from those countries. In music class, students will be learning songs, culture, musical traditions and about musicians from those same countries, as well. 
To start off the year, students previewed artwork from each country. Each group of students received images of artwork from a different country. They began by sharing what they noticed about the artwork with each other, and made predictions about what materials were used and why the artists might have made these artworks. Students also considered whether the artwork had a function of some kind and shared information they already knew about that country.  
For example, one student noticed that the green and orange color in the artwork from Ireland matched the colors of the Irish flag. Another student made a connection between the fish featured in artwork from Japan to the fact that Japan is surrounded by water and they eat a lot of fish there, like sushi. Groups wrote down all their ideas and we shared them with the class. During this process, we also worked on respectfully sharing our ideas with the group, even when we did not agree with each other.

We are starting with Mexico this October, so check back to find out what we are learning about! In May, students will demonstrate what they have learned and created throughout the year at a culminating art and music showcase for their families and members of the Hosmer community. Our first stop is Mexico, so stay tuned. Feel free to ask your students about their artistic and musical travels throughout the year!

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