Friday, June 24, 2016

Exquisite Corpse

During the last weeks of school, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade artists played a fun drawing game inspired by the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse. In this game people would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold it over to hide part of it and pass it on to the next person to do the same. The game ended when someone finished the story, which was read aloud -- a collaborative mad libs, of sorts. In our drawing game, students each received a piece of paper marked with 'head,' 'body' or 'legs' and a number. Each piece had marks to help them get matched up later.
Students sat with other people working on the same part, and created an interesting head, body or legs. Beginning with pencil, students outlined their drawing with Sharpie marker and added color using crayon. At the end of class, groups were called by number and heads were matched up with bodies and sets of legs to reveal a unique collaborative creature! Check out our creations below:
3rd grade (Lutz)
4th grade (Doherty)
4th grade (Mattson)
5th grade (Domermuth)
3rd grade (Stone)
3rd grade (Lutz)


  1. Was randomly googling this lesson and re-found your blog. You are genius! I've tried this with folding paper but it always makes it too complicated! Going to try this today!

    - Michelle :)

    1. Awesome! Yes, didn't think it would work so well to have students waiting on a folded piece of paper and couldn't think of what they would do while waiting. So even though it took some time, I marked each piece on the front with small lines so that they would actually fit later and then labeled it on the back with an H, B or L and a number. (Demo'd but also walked around to make sure they understood how to keep their idea within those little lines, it can be tricky!) Looking back, I could have made this easier by photocopying the paper and just cutting it after, but did it the long way :/ I also had to do some myself for classes that were not multiples of 3 but it all worked out! Everyone was great at keeping their idea private until the big reveals. Let me know how it works out!