Monday, June 13, 2016

Carnival of the Animals Masks

For their upcoming June concert, PK and K artists made animal masks to connect to the Carnival of the Animals songs they have been learning in music! Each class was given a different animal. 
We began with a white mask template and painted them. We also painted paper to use for different parts, like ears, as well as for the background. After the painted mask had dried, we added different cut out details to represent the animal. 
Mrs. Martignetti’s class created elephants, using their painted gray paper to add large ears and folding a piece of painted paper for the long trunk. 

Mrs. Beatty’s class made lions, using their painted yellow and orange paper to add ears and a mane. We also added a nose with black paper. 

Mrs. Segreve’s class created donkeys, using their painted gray paper for ears and adding a tuft of hair and a snout to represent the donkey. 
Mrs. Blackwood’s class got fish, so we used painted purple and blue paper to add fins and scales around our masks. 
Mrs. Bolton’s class made kangaroo masks, adding long ears with painted paper and a heart shaped nose. 
Ms. Mattson’s class created colorful birds, painting the mask red, blue or yellow and adding colorful feathers and an orange beak that pops out. 
Finally, Mrs. Tan’s class made swans, drawing a black design around the eyes and adding white feathers. They also created beaks using orange paper that pop out by folding them and gluing down the sides. 
Classes also helped make backgrounds for the show, collaborating on large murals. Some classes cut out leaves from painted green paper, and other classes worked on an underwater background. Look for our masks and background at the concert this Friday, June 17!

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