Sunday, May 14, 2017

Textured Bird Collages

Recently, PK and Kindergarten artists have been learning about texture, or how something feels to touch. To further explore different textures, we made texture rubbings. 
We learned how to make a texture rubbing by placing an object underneath their paper and using the side of a crayon to rub on top of the paper to capture the object's texture. 
Students were given a variety of different textured objects at their table and experimented with texture rubbing. Students thought about where to place their objects underneath their paper so that they could fill up their whole paper, as well as layer some rubbings on top of each other. 
At the end of class, we shared our texture rubbings with each other on the rug. We revisited texture rubbing in a following class, but this time we selected colored paper to make our texture rubbings and used them to make a collage of a bird.
Students made textured paper using the texture rubbing technique and then cut out shapes from this paper to form their bird. When they were finished gluing down the bird's body, they added two feathers, as well as a background.
Below are some examples of our textured bird collages:
Audrey L., Kindergarten (Bolton)
Aurelia, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Ixeyka, Kindergarten (Martignetti)
Sara, Kindergarten (Segreve)
Tyler, Kindergarten (Martignetti)
Nathalia, Kindergarten (Beatty)

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