Monday, February 13, 2017

Warm and Cool Color Mittens

Hope everyone is having a good snow day! PK and Kindergarten artists recently learned about warm and cool colors. We learned that warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, remind us of warm things like fire and the sun. On the other hand, cool colors, like green, blue and violet, remind us of cool things like water and the sky. We looked at pictures of different objects and identified whether they were cool or warm colors. 
Then we used warm and cool colors in our artwork. Kindergarten students used their hand to create a mitten shape and outline it on their paper. PK students traced the shape of their hand. Then, if they sat at a warm color table, they used oil pastels in warm colors to color in their mitten and if they sat at a cool color table, they used cool colors. 
Kindergarten students used a variety of different lines and shapes to add patterns and designs to their mitten to make them colorful and interesting. Students also added snowflakes around the mitten, using white oil pastel, which was a little hard to see but would be revealed next class! PK students focused on coloring and covering all of the white paper inside their hand.
The following class, students who had used warm color oil pastels used watercolor paint in cool colors to paint over and around their mitten or hand. For Kindergarten students, the paint also helped reveal their snowflakes! 
The oil pastel and watercolor paint do not mix together so you can still see what you drew with the oil pastel, even after you add paint on top. This effect is called resist, since the two materials do not mix together but move apart. Here are a few examples of our warm and cool color hands and mittens:
Christina, PK (Mattson)
Clara, PK (Mattson)
Declan, PK (Mattson)
Sagan, PK (Mattson)
Jacob, PK (Mattson)
Aurelia, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Ethan, Kindergarten (Segreve)
Ava, Kindergarten (Tan)
Kiana, Kindergarten (Blackwood)
Rubina, Kindergarten (Blackwood)
Noah, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Matthew, Kindergarten (Martignetti)
Seta, Kindergarten (Tan)
Maya, Kindergarten (Blackwood)
Nirvaan, Kindergarten (Blackwood)

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