Monday, December 12, 2016

Pattern Weaving

Last month, artists in 1st grade learned how to weave with paper. We practiced by weaving together as a class, with a big loom, and realized that the technique of weaving is a pattern and also creates a pattern.
We started our weaving by making a loom. Students made their loom by folding a piece of paper and cutting several lines, making sure not to cut all the way across the folded side. Once opened, we had our loom! Then students cut two different colors of paper into strips, which they wove through their loom. We made sure to keep in mind to have the lines alternate, over and under, to create our pattern.
The following class, we added shapes to emphasize the pattern in our weaving even more. Students got to use fun scissors with different edges that let us cut different kinds of edges for the shapes. 
Students thought carefully about the colors that would work well with their weaving and help their shapes to stand out. Some students added another layer of shapes inside those shapes, as well as lines and shapes at the top and bottom. Below are some examples of our colorful pattern weaving.
Arthur, 1st Grade (Torchio)
Ava, 1st Grade (Landay)
Dahlia, 1st Grade (Torchio)
Isabella, 1st Grade (Landay)
Liam, 1st Grade (Salvucci)
Maria, 1st Grade (Torchio)
Mary Kate, 1st Grade (Salvucci)
Naomi, 1st Grade (Landay)
Olivia, 1st Grade (Salvucci)

Willow, 1st Grade (Massa)
James, 1st Grade (Massa)

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