Monday, September 19, 2016

First Week of School

During the first weeks of school, artists discuss expectations we have of each other in the art room and also get reacquainted with the space. This year, we played an art room "I Spy" game. Students looked at photos of places in the art room. These photos were intentionally taken from close up or interesting angles so that it would be more challenging to identify. Students rotated around the room to look at all the photos and correctly identify the different places and parts of the art room and their purpose.

Students also began their monochromatic self portraits. Monochromatic means one color, so students used one color to draw a picture of themselves. Even though students were limited to one color, there were many different shades of that color available through markers, crayons and colored pencils. Students could represent themselves in a variety of different ways. Below are some photos of work in progress. 

These monochromatic self portraits will be put together in large rainbow displays, so keep a look out for those coming soon!

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