Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Out of This World Outer Space Resist Paintings

4th grade artists recently drew these out of this world outer space drawings, using oil pastel and watercolor paint to create a resist effect. After an exploration of value through a pencil drawing and value scale, we explored value using color to create more three-dimensional forms. Students used lighter and darker values of colors to turn a circle into a spherical planet. 
To begin, students brainstormed a list of things you might see in outer space, including the Earth, sun, planets, stars, asteroids, space stations and even space junk. After sketching out their compositions, students drew their outer space scenes on larger paper and used oil pastel to add color and depth.  
Students were encouraged to use several colors on each object, considering the light source and where there might be shade to help give objects and three dimensional appearance. 
When they finished drawing with oil pastel, students painted their entire artwork with black watercolor paint. This is called resist, because the oil pastel resists the watercolor paint, and allows the oil pastel outer space objects to stand out.  
Here are some examples of our out of this world outer space resist paintings! 
Chris, 4th grade (Cikacz)
Anna L., 4th grade (Doherty Barbieri)
Grace, 4th grade (Doherty Barbieri)
Alec, 4th grade (Cikacz)
Cyrus, 4th grade (Mattson Graves)
Hashir, 4th grade (Cikacz)
Lalita, 4th grade (Cikacz)
Sidney, 4th grade (Doherty Barbieri)
Nabila, 4th grade (Cikacz)
Lily, 4th grade (Dubuque)
Ashlynne, 4th grade (Dubuque)
Ilana, 4th grade (Dubuque)
Mackenzie, 4th grade (Mattson Graves)

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