Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter Wonderland Collages

In an ode to winter weather, PK and Kindergarten artists recently created collages of houses covered in snow. We began by remembering how we make a collage, cutting out different shapes to create a picture of a house or multiple houses. We thought carefully about details to add to our houses, including windows, doors, roofs, and chimneys.
After finishing the collage part, students then used to white paint to add snow to their collage picture. Using a brush, students painted on top of their houses, added snow to the ground and also dotted paint to create snow falling from the sky. Some students created very snowy days and even some blizzards! Take a look at some of our artworks below and currently on display on the bulletin board in the connector hallway.
Ruken, Kindergarten (Segreve)
Alexander, Kindergarten (Segreve)
Adriana, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Marie, Kindergarten (Tan)
Caden, Kindergarten (Bolton)
Elora, Kindergarten (Martignetti)
Ella, Kindergarten (Tan)
Maya, Kindergarten (Beatty)
Mahnoor, Kindergarten (Bolton)

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