Monday, September 21, 2015

Doodle Mural

4th and 5th grade artists started off the year by doodling! After discussing art class expectations and a quick art room scavenger hunt, we got right down to art making on the first day. 

Doodles are usually simple drawings. They can be abstract, with repeated lines, shapes and patterns, or they can be representational, with recognizable objects and characters. Everyone can doodle! Although doodles are often seen as a sign of being bored, many people find that doodling can help them focus.

Students selected a Post-It and a ballpoint pen, skinny marker and/or Sharpie marker to doodle with. Doodling is often done spontaneously, without advance planning, so students were encouraged to just begin and see where it took them. Some students started in the middle of their Post-It paper and worked their way outwards, while others started in the corners. 
Some students thought about a specific theme, such as outer space, animals or cartoon characters. Others experimented with a variety of lines and shapes, or repeating a pattern. Some students included their name or initials within their doodle.
After finishing their doodle, students brought their Post-It over to a larger grid and chose a spot for their doodle. Some students selected a spot based on the doodles around it, to connect with someone else's doodle. After a week of art classes, it was transformed into a collaborative mural
The doodle mural is now on display in the connector hallway, on a bulletin board, so look for our doodles!

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