Monday, May 4, 2015

First Grade Self Portraits

1st grade artists drew their self portrait from observation recently, using the new standing mirrors gifted by the PTO! We discussed how our faces and features are all different from each other and so students worked hard to look at their own faces in the mirror to capture their individuality. 
Students began with their face shape, neck and shoulders, since that is all you can see in the mirror. We focused on the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth as being different from how you might draw a cartoon face. Instead, students were challenged to look closely at their own eyes, noses, and mouths and use shapes and lines to represent them.
After drawing their self portrait, students used crayons to color them in and add a background, either what they saw behind them in the mirror or imaginary. These are some examples:
Amaia, 1st Grade
Ben S., 1st Grade
Billy, 1st Grade
Lia, 1st Grade
Diya, 1st Grade
Edmond, 1st Grade
Gabriela, 1st Grade
Manos, 1st Grade

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