Friday, January 23, 2015

Rainbow Cityscapes

PK and Kindergarten artists have been learning about ROY G. BIV, or the colors of the rainbow! We watched a fun video about Roy G. Biv, a magical elf that helps us remember the colors of the rainbow. We noticed that each letter stood for a color, and they were in a certain order.
We went back to an art form that we explored in the beginning of the year -- collage! We used different colored paper to create different buildings, trying to make each building a different shape and size.
We spent one class cutting and gluing our buildings, thinking about different shapes and combining them to create taller skyscrapers. We also thought about overlapping some of our buildings, to make sure we had enough space.
During the following class, we finished adding our buildings and also used crayons to add details, such as windows, doors, building numbers, the sun, mood, cloud, snow and even people and snowmen! Here are some examples of our rainbow city collages: 
Arthur, Kindergarten
Emma, Kindergarten
Ella, Kindergarten

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