Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploring Color Mixing

This past week, artists in PK and Kindergarten have been exploring color. We were familiar with our primary colors and had been using them for previous artwork, including our Mondrian inspired collages and our shape robots:
David, Kindergarten
We also painted lines and shapes using black paint and added our primary colors, being careful to wash out our brush between colors so they did not mix.
Our primary colored work is currently featured on the bulletin board:
This week we began to explore secondary colors, which are made by mixing the primary colors together. We thought about what might happen when we mix 2 primary colors together. We experimented with mixing our primary colors to make orange, green and violet. We made guesses as to what color might result when we mixed 2 colors together and we were excited when we were right!

After exploring color mixing together as a class, and thinking of different things that are orange, green or violet in color, we began our own exploration and experimentation!
We mixed red and yellow to make orange, blue and yellow to make green, and blue and red to make violet. We thought about how to make a darker color and a lighter color. Some of us tried to mix all 3 primary colors together and discovered that it made brown! 
Duncan, Kindergarten
Calvin, Kindergarten
Mera, Kindergarten
Next class we will be learning even more about our secondary colors!

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