Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Printed Lines + Shapes

We have been continuing our exploration of lines in PK, Kindergarten and 1st grade, and are now connecting them to make shapes. We used paint, but this time we did not use a paintbrush or water cups. Instead, we used a new technique: printing!

We learned to make lines and shapes using a cardboard tool. First we dipped it into paint, then pressed it onto our paper and lifted it up to make a mark. Dip, press, lift. We practiced printing for a few minutes before we thought about how we might make a picture using these lines and shapes. 
We noticed that we could connect the lines to make them into shapes, and make different lines by changing the way we put our marks down on our paper. 

In 1st grade, artists created busy cityscapes, with tall skyscrapers, apartment buildings, stores, cars, and even people. 

One student decided to include Fenway in his cityscape!
In second grade, we turned our lines and shapes into robots, using our active imaginations! We thought about how they could have square heads, multiple eyes, wheels on their feet, and springs for hair. One of them is even solar powered!

We had a lot of fun coming up with our own cityscapes and robots, using our printed lines and shapes to inspire our imaginations. The following class, we added color using tempera paint. We thought about how to make our colors bright to fill in our shapes, as well as the background.
Priya, 1st Grade
Lenna, 1st Grade
Alani, 2nd Grade

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